Should You Use a Resume Template?

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Don't use a template for the best executive resume format.

The best executive resume format isn’t a template.

Putting together resumes that get you hired can be a time-consuming process so why wouldn’t you use any help you could get? A template may seem like the best executive resume format, but is it really? While a template may make the process of creating a resume faster and easier, hiring an executive resume service to help you stand out is the best option.

You Must Stand Out

When you consider how many people apply for every job listing, you’ll quickly realize the importance of making your resume stand out in the crowd. When your only way to make a great first impression is through your resume, you need to make sure it tells who you are and what you can offer a company. If your resume looks just like everyone else’s, your chances of landing the job you want are drastically reduced.

Sub-Standard Format

If you truly want the best executive resume format, a template isn’t going to get the results you want. When you search for resume templates online, you will uncover thousands of results. However, do you know how put those templates together? Many of them were created by individuals who don’t have experience writing resumes that get you hired. They may have experienced success getting a job with the format and feel they could help others out. Perhaps they haven’t even submitted a resume in that format but think they have all the answers. You shouldn’t trust your future career to just anyone.

Use Them as a Starting Point

While resume templates aren’t the best way to create your resume, you can still use them as a launching pad for creating a resume that will get results. Look at several options and determine what you like best in each of them. You can compile components from multiple resume templates and arrange them into your own personal resume that showcases what you have to offer. Using templates to create a custom layout will produce the best results.
Using a resume template doesn’t mean you won’t have any chance of landing the job, but it will make the process more difficult. If you aren’t using the best executive resume format, you can expect fewer call backs because you won’t stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other resumes received. This is why many people hire an executive resume service to help them create an outstanding resume that highlights their assets and makes them more appealing to prospective employers. When you move away from template resumes and venture into custom resumes that get you hired, you will see better results in your job search.