How To Advance Your Career At The Office Party

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how to advance your career at the office party
It’s that time of year when the holiday parties start popping up on your calendar. Some parties are going to be times to relax and let it all hang out (whatever your particular group of cronies likes to hang out and do), but the office party is a different kind of festive occasion.

Corporate Celebrations Are Career-Oriented

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about Monday morning when you are in party mode. It’s important to know your etiquette for office holiday parties because everything that happens is remembered and discussed. The party is the company’s way of expressing appreciation for your hard work, but it isn’t an excuse to get drunk or act in ways you will regret.
If you are interested in improving your career, the office party is a great place to make connections with people you would not be able to talk to during normal business operations.

Office Parties Are Networking Opportunities

Think of this occasion as a fancy networking session.

  • You are dressed up — but make sure you still look like a professional rather than a party animal.
  • You might be drinking alcohol — but make sure it doesn’t negatively affect your behavior.
  • The rules are relaxed — so you can talk to the boss or others higher in the organization without an appointment.

You know that there will be memories of the party, so make sure the memories of you are good. Think about that classic 80/20 ratio and plan on listening 80% of the time.  You don’t want to wake up the next morning, remember how you acted, and groan. Ask questions, make connections, but don’t monopolize the evening trying to get the boss to notice how great you are. This is a time to be enjoyed, but it also is a time that can be good for your career.