Success Begins With Career Assessment

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career assessment
One of the most important parts of a job search is knowing what type of job you want to have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have absolutely no idea what they want to do or go into. Here are some steps to career assessment that will help you decide what you want and start you on the path to success.

  1. Self Assessment: This step is looking inward and making an inventory of your skills, desires, and interests. This will help you understand what you would enjoy as a career. Some people may be able to decide right then and there what type of job they want to search for, but for most people they need some more help.
  2. Career Testing: There are many test and programs that can give you an idea of what career would be best suited to your interests and skills. You can find these assessments/tests online or sometimes at career centers. This is not likely to give you one exact career path, but it will give you some ideas to move you forward.
  3. Career Counseling: Now once you have finished testing and have some ideas, then you can get some help from a professional that can lead you to your decision of what career path to take. Career counselors are trained to help uncertain job searchers find a path that will lead to a fulfilling and successful career.

Career assessment is a great way to help you discover the best career path and make your job search more focused and therefore more successful. While it is not necessarily helpful for everyone, there is no harm in trying it out.