The Use of C OLOR on Resumes… dare we?

Folks, a new day has dawned.
I never thought I’d say it or believe it, but color is here. Hopefully to stay.
Way back when I started my resume writing career (10 years ago), color wasn’t used. I was trained by an executive resume writing firm almost 6 years ago, and at that time color wasn’t even something we would say out loud! It was only on resumes that most certainly WOULD NOT land the job.
But times have changed, finally, and color can come out of hiding and proudly show itself.
Now, when I talk about this, you don’t want to have every header and subheaders different colors. What I mean is, color in small doses is good. Perhaps a deep red or navy blue for bullets or subheading titles.
An example can be like this:
JOHN SMITH………….Business Development Executive
or in a branding statement like this:
John Smith
Provide Leadership through Innovative Marketing Styles and Strategic Business Sense
(see just a hint of Navy Blue?)

I will also use it to emphasize a value-added bulleted list. I never overdo it and use it sparingly. Too much of a good thing can be just that– too much.
So, good people of the job seeking world, REJOICE, and add a touch of color to your resume.