What Is The Best Job Search Tool? Failure

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What Is The Best Job Search Tool?: Failure
Failure is inevitable in a job search. The likelihood that you will find the perfect job and that you will get that job in your first search is next to none. This means that you will have to search again and again. You will fail. You will fail at finding a job. You will fail at landing a job. But that is not a bad thing. Failure is your greatest tool and I am going to help you understand why.

  • Rethinking: Failure will cause you to rethink the way you go about your search. Obviously something is not working so you will have to rethink how you are going about your search and do something new. That is a great thing. Rethinking and finding a new way to do something is one of the best things you can do for your search.
  • Focusing: Failure will also cause you to focus your search. Focusing you search will make it more successful and if you fail repeatedly, then you will take the time to focus your search.
  • Motivating: Failing again and again can be disappointing, but more than that it can be incredibly motivating. If you really want to land the job then you won’t let the disappointment keep you from searching. Instead you will let the disappointment motivate you until you find the job that is perfect for you.

Failure really is your best tool. Use it. Let your failure lead you to rethink your search process, help you focus your search, and most importantly, let your failure motivate you to keep going until you finally find the job that you have been waiting for.