Why Isn't It Cheating To Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

Professional Resumes

why isn't it cheating to hire a professional resume writer?
When someone hires a professional resume writer, they are paying for the skills that writer has, providing the facts that the resume contains, and collaborating to present their own qualifications for a particular¬†job in an accurate light. Let’s look at these points a little closer:

Paying For Skills

In today’s job market the resume needs to pass through many filters before the person deciding on interviews even sees it. Resumes have to be written to pass those filters, whether it is the keywords a computer looks for or the spelling accuracy that catches a reader’s eye. Professional resume writers are like the industry consultants brought in to give their expert advice on specific problems and come up with effective strategies for resolution.

Providing The Facts

Any professional resume writer who doesn’t insist on using your own facts in the resume is not worthy of the title. Resumes must be factual compilations of your work history, education, skills, etc. Any falsification is asking for trouble, and a professional resume writer will refuse to do it. Their goal is to write a resume that shows what you bring to the position you are applying for; writing it in a way that gets past the filters and puts you in an interview where you can present yourself as a viable candidate.

Collaborating To Present Accurately

The top reason professional resumes are effective is because they are collaborations. It isn’t a matter of handing over a topic, getting a paper someone else wrote, putting your name on it, and turning it in. Professional resume writers get a lot of input from you before they start, ask many questions so they have all the facts, and get your approval before the process is complete. It’s a collaboration, a team-effort, and the information being presented is your own qualifications in the best light so they can be seen accurately. It’s a lot of work, and you contribute to the process.
So, is it cheating to hire a professional resume writer? Not if they truly act professionally. A professional resume writer is not pretending to be the person in the resume. They are presenting the person in the resume in the best light possible.