Putting Together An Executive Resume

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An executive resume should be created with the end purpose in mind, that of getting you an interview for the job opening. Do not just list all the things you have done in former jobs, for resumes at this level more information is needed about the processes used to get the job done.
Do not write a confusing history of former positions. Start your work history with your latest position and end with your first working position relevant to the job opening you are intending to get an interview for.
For an executive resume, 2-4 pages is acceptable. I always say, ‘if the experience warrants it, then add another page’ (however, less is more sometimes–I try to stick to 2ish). Do ensure all the information is concise and relevant. Employers do not want to have to sift through pages of irrelevant information. It would be wise to invest in having a professional resume writer create a resume for you if you are unsure of the current formats used for resumes (plug, plug, plug).
Always be very specific in your writing and information, use precise numbers to convey any targets that you have been set and met in previous positions, it all helps to build a better picture of your abilities by the employer reading the resume. Creating a focused, targeted, concise resume is what employers are looking for in an executive resume. It is vitally important that it stands out from the crowd before it has even a chance of being read at all. Employers are busy people and need to know immediately if your resume is worth their time reading, and an executive resume can help with this!