Using The Internet for Your Job Hunt

Job Search

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It used to be that the only ways to find a job were to look in the newspaper or watch for “Now Hiring” or “Help Wanted” signs (remember those days?). Not only was this inefficient, it was disappointing because there never seemed to be enough jobs or the right kind of job. Luckily, we now have a very useful tool for job searches–the Internet.
The Internet is a very valuable thing in this day and sometimes we do not take advantage of all its perks. There are hundreds of job search sites that not only list jobs that are available, but allow you to post your resume to the site so that employers can see your resume and offer you a job before you have even talked to them.  Many of these sites also have very good search filters that allow you to customize your job search from the job area to the hours to the place where the company is. This makes sorting through jobs much easier so you can find the job that is right for you in less time and start working sooner. These sites are built to make your life easier when searching for a job. Take advantage of them and try out a lot of them. Some of them may work better for you than others, but you will never know until you try them out.
LinkedIn is another great internet ‘job hunting’ site. It’s a great place to expand your network by making new contacts, researching companies or roles you may be interested in, joining relevant groups where you can ‘mingle’ with people who are interested in what you do, or do what you do and may be able to help you get an ‘in’ to the company you want, and so on. There are many ways you can use this service and I would use it  every day if job searching (yes, it’s that good!).
Do not take the Internet for granted when searching for a job. While it doesn’t replace actual networking, it can save you time and disappointment and ultimately get you working much sooner.