Your Resume Lives On


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It is very easy to think that, when you have sent out hundreds of resumes, those resumes disappear into thin air. However, if you post your resume online or email it in response to a job ad, your resume usually gets stored in a database. This database could be a job aggregator like Career Builder, or it could be an applicant tracking system for a company or staffing agency. Just because you do not get a response to your job application, it does not mean that nothing is done with your resume.
What is does mean is that you want to be careful who gets access to your resume and the information on it. Many people eagerly post their resumes on a job aggregator only to be contacted for jobs they do not want, such as franchise opportunities or life insurances sales or other jobs that require you to put thousands of dollars down to get started. One thing that smart job seekers do is to create an email separate from your personal ones for just this purpose, that way your personal email won’t be bombarded with annoying spam mail. If the company is interested in you, they will email you. However, be sure that you regularly check both your email inbox and spam for messages from potential employers.
Putting your resume on LinkedIn is also another way for your resume to ‘live on’. As LinkedIn can be used as an online version of your resume, it will still be working for you even when you aren’t in an active job search (as long as you keep up with your profile and don’t ignore it).
It’s important to remember that once your resume is ‘out there’ in cyberspace either on a job board or LI, it will stay there until you remove it. Be strategic about where you put your resume and you will have better results.

How To Conduct An Online Job Search

Job Search

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Whether you are searching for a new job because you are unemployed or you simply want to progress up the career ladder, it is important that you take your job search seriously. There are different resources that you can use in order to check for jobs and see what opportunities are out there, and you should check as many of these as possible.
One of the most important things to remember is the type of job you are going for. It is easy to get excited because a job vacancy website seems to have hundreds of jobs – but you won’t be suitable for all of these. If you simply use a blanket approach and apply for as many of these as possible, then you are simply making more work for yourself and your chances of getting a job aren’t increased.
Remember that when you come to carry out an online job search there are also ways you can get help and advice to make sure you are doing everything you can to be successful in your job hunt. For example, you can get people to read through your resume with a view to evaluating it and making sure that it is up to scratch. They may also be able to recommend changes you can make in order to improve your chances of bagging your ideal job.
Also, remember that many job resource websites are updated regularly, so don’t be afraid to check back often and see what job opportunities have been added because you don’t want to miss out by leaving it to long!