Job Hunting When You Are Pregnant

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Job Hunting When You Are Pregnant
Many people will be inclined to tell those who are pregnant to wait until after they have the baby before searching for a new job. This isn’t always possible due to financial circumstances. While it can be understandable that some employers are reluctant to hire someone who will likely be requesting maternity leave almost immediately, it’s not impossible to find those that are willing to hire a pregnant woman when she is the best candidate for the job.
Because there are different stages to a pregnancy, many women who are not noticeably pregnant wonder about the ethics of not telling a hiring manager about their condition. Ethically speaking, unless you are lying, there is no problem. Of course as a new hire you would want to be as upfront with your new employer as possible. Until you have actually been hired however, it’s not a real issue.
The best way to handle the matter as a new hire is to be upfront and honest. Simply tell your employer that you are pregnant and ask if this is going to be a problem considering that you are a new member of their staff. You may need to negotiate returning from maternity leave early or possibly working from home. Try and be as accommodating as possible as this will pay off further down the line particularly during promotion talks.
When actively hunting for a new job while obviously pregnant, try to not call attention to it and allow your work history and skills to speak for themselves. Many employers are far more concerned about those aspects of your history than your temporary condition of being pregnant. As in many cases, if you don’t bring it up then neither will they.