Negativity Could Be Stopping Your Job Interview

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It’s a dog eat dog world out there when it comes to job hunting in today’s job market. There are way too many applicants and not enough jobs to go around. That makes the competition really tough. But, you could be hindering yourself by your attitude.
It is hard to keep morale up lately, but if you are the type of person who has resigned themselves to not getting a job because you keep getting the brush off, then you may be making it worse.
Even if you are not aware of it, low morale and negativity can be felt by others. So, if you have a feeling of resignation and just going through the emotions, the prospective employer may sense that you are really just not interested in the job and pass you over.
It’s better to give yourself a pep talk before any interview. Maybe get a friend to role play with you to see how you are coming across to others.
In addition, social networking is also a great confidence builder. Ask several of your Facebook friends to look at your resume to see where you could improve upon it. You may not can see any flaws but others can.
And, above all, go into any business with your resume in hand, dressed for success, shoulders squared, a big smile on your face and be confident. This very first impression will be the one to get your resume to the next level.