Professional Or Executive Resume: What's The Difference?

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professional or executive resume: what's the difference?
If you do a search for “professional vs executive,” you will find a lot of stuff, but you won’t find a universal definition for each role. In fact, Asian job culture tends to put the title of “executive” at opposite ends of the career track, which causes a lot of confusion as companies go global. It’s a good idea to go past the labels and look at where you are in your career, what you want to accomplish, then take your list to compare it to what kind of resume you need.
Professional Resume Services offers both Professional and Executive Resume packages.
Here’s how they differ:

  • Executive Resumes are designed for executive management, and C-level positions– those who are prepared to be at the head of an organization. They earn well over $100,000+ annually and carry all the responsibility of the power to control major decisions. These executive resumes must show that you are up to the task of leadership decisions that will affect many lives and fortunes.
  • Professional Resumes are just as important, but they are designed to show your competency for a different kind of responsibility. Professionals, specialists etc. with five or more years of reliability and experience gradually creating a name for themselves. These are the people who understand how to work with their department to get the desired results. There’s leadership responsibility with much more hands-on daily tasking.

Still not sure what you need?
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Are You Ready For A Resume Package?


are you ready for a resume package?
This is the time of year when packages are everywhere. From the shipping packages going past in the delivery trucks to the packages wrapped in fancy paper with a bow on top, you are going to see more of them as the month progresses. But what is a package, really?
A package is a promise of good things bundled into a single unit. 
There may be one good thing or several good things inside, but you have to open it to find out what that package holds. Sometimes your idea of a “good thing” is different than the giver’s, but the idea of a promise inside the package is one that is universal. Professional Resume Services offers several packages and they all hold a promise inside:

What is the promise in each of these packages? It is the promise of a future made hopeful by effectively showing the best of your past. When a potential employer is able to see the best about a candidate, that employer is more apt to see how they will be a good fit for their enterprise.  You or the person you are gifting will not need all these packages, but each holds the same promise and one of them is right for anyone in the workforce.
As the year wraps up and all the packages are opened, the future looks brighter when your packages hold the good things you need.

Avoiding Red Flags When Updating Your Professional Resume

Professional Resumes

avoiding red flags when updating your professional resume

One of the red flags an interviewer looks for is inconsistency in your information. If you have updated your professional resume, take the time to look at your cover letter and online information carefully to make sure they all match. I’m not saying to keep a falsehood consistent because lying is never a good idea, but I am saying that if you are not updating everything when you refresh one thing it eventually will look like you lied because the records are inconsistent.
This is an easy trap to fall into because there are so many places your professional information can be found. If you have recently taken a seminar on a specialty in your field, you may remember to put it on your resume but forget about your LinkedIn profile. Do that three times and your online brand is lacking three important pieces of information about you. Do that ten times, and an interviewer will wonder what’s going on.
This is also an easy trap to avoid! All you need to do is understand that updating your professional resume involves more than the pages you print out to mail with a cover letter or attach to an email. When you look at the professional resume packages offered, you’ll see that reflected. If you aren’t going to invest in a service like that, then it is a good idea to post a reminder to yourself in your resume folder that change to one means changing it all.
You are a package deal; a composite of experience and training and perspective that will benefit an employer. Your professional resume ‘package’ is a composite of your online brand, resume, and any other information a potential employee can dig up. Keep your information consistent across that package and there won’t be any red flags to find.