Resumes for Recent College Graduates

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Resumes for Recent College Graduates
This is a question asked thousands of times every year across the country: “How do I put together a great resume when I’ve only just graduated from college?” The overly simple answer is that you do it the same way you would if you had been in the workforce for 25 years. It’s not that simple when you have little to no work experience, but it can be done in a slick and professional manner. When in doubt, hire an expert resume writer to help you. It will be money well spent in the long run.
Hopefully, you obtained some work, volunteer or internship experience while in college. It’s important to remember that experience doesn’t have to have been paid to count. Many new graduates incorrectly assume that if they were not paid during the internship or for volunteer service that it doesn’t count. The reality is that everything counts. An internship, especially one in your field, is every bit as valuable to a potential employer. Volunteer work as well.
The most important thing to remember is that a potential employer is looking for someone who is a team player, will be great to work with and has the skills to do the job. They do not care how you got those skills. Employers also want to hire people who have been in real work environments before.
Following a few common sense tips and ideas will make it possible for you to create a great resume and land a job that is right for you.