Why Companies Ask For A Salary History

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Salary can be a very touchy subject when it comes to negotiating a job offer. It’s an issue that can cause candidates to walk away, force employers to spurn one candidate in favor of another who will work for less, and make for tense dialogue between an employer and a would-be employee. Many job seekers are uneasy talking about their salary history with prospective employers. Divulging salary information first can often put you at a disadvantage, but you may have no choice. Potential employers may require a salary history before even considering you as a candidate. In this case it is helpful to know, ” Why do some companies ask job applicants for a salary history?”
The answers are fairly simple and they even make sense.
Requesting a salary history may just┬ábe a part of the employer’s screening process. It is their policy with every job applicant and that includes you. Give them the history, get in there and set the hook, get the offer, and then be a good negotiator.
Now, while that is a perfectly reasonable answer, there is one that is even better. As an applicant, you are a “business of one” and you are selling your services. With that in mind, would you buy from a business that, when you asked how much the product cost, responded with “We are not going to tell you until you buy?” In order to “make the sale” to your potential employers you need to name your price.
Your best course is always to do your homework before going into a negotiation. If you know what you are talking about, then you are more likely to get what you want, even if you have already given a salary history to your potential employers.