Using Your Resume To Sell Yourself

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While most of us recognize the need for our resume to showcase our talents when it comes to applying for jobs, not many of us know the right way to go about really selling ourselves. You have to remember that job vacancies are sparse, which means that when one does pop up more people are likely to apply! This means you really have to try and make sure that yours stands out from a crowd and encourages them to contact you for an interview.
It is very easy to find hits and tips from websites that claim to be able to help you put together the perfect resume, but what you will find is that everyone has used these same websites so your resume doesn’t stand out. Instead, you need to use a little imagination to create something that really sells yourself.
This means that you need to think about what you can really offer a company. Look at your experience and how this can help to improve a workplace. You should always strive to use your resume to sell yourself as much as possible – so tell them what your experiences are and the ways that you feel this helps you to be a welcome addition to any workforce.
Don’t be afraid to change your resume slightly when you are applying for a job. I usually suggest to my clients to have a few different versions of their resume, or at least be able to tweak it a little for each job so it looks more targeted. Remember, employers want a ‘specialist’ or an ‘expert’, not a ‘generalist’ or an “I will do anything, I just want a job!’