What Does 'Dress For Success' Look Like Today?

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what does 'dress for success' look like today?
A cursory look at the history of clothing shows a lot of change, and it is a fascinating way to spend some time. Who knew that both men and women wore makeup and high heels in some European courts? Clothing has always been an indicator of power, and that fact will probably never change. But when you are trying to figure out how to dress for the success of your career, there isn’t much help in the styles of the past. What matters today is the impression you make on those around you now.

There Is No Single Business Uniform

It’s a mistake to think that you can read up on business attire and get it right for a specific business environment, because every workplace is slightly different. There are some general guidelines, though, and I think the best one I’ve seen is Business Insider’s look at How To Dress Like A Leader In Any Work Environment. It identifies 5 levels of business attire, from “baseline casual” to “boardroom attire” and gives a complex subject some simplicity.
But the reality is that different regions in the world can vary on their idea of what to wear, and when. CEOs in the Silicon Valley are going to look different than a similar executive level in New York City, while the boardroom in Hong Kong has way more suits in it than the same company’s boardroom in Hawaii.

There Is A Universal Standard of Excellence

While the colors and styles may change, all higher level wardrobes have distinct similarities:

  • Everything fits and flatters the wearer
  • Everything is in good condition
  • Everything is high-quality in material and construction
  • All accessories are equally high-quality

Dressing for success definitely still matters in today’s business environment, but you need to do some research to determine what your success strategy will look like.