Tardiness on the Job

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Taken from CareerBuilder.com


Tardiness at work -According to a recent CareerBuilder.com/USA Today survey that found 16 percent of workers arrive late to work at least once a week. The survey, conducted in the United States from February 15 to March 6, 2007, included responses from 6,823 employees in the private sector and 2,591 hiring managers and HR professionals with significant involvement in hiring decisions. Some of the findings:

-25% of employees admit to faking an excuse for their tardiness

-31% cited traffic was the top excuse for showing up late

-16% admitted falling back asleep

-8% had problems getting their kids on their way to school

-41% of men are less likely to be late, compared to 37% of women

-22% of men are less likely to fib about why they are late, compared to 28% of women

-44% of hiring managers say they don’t care if their employees are late as long as their work is completed on time and with good quality

-One in five stricter hiring managers would consider terminating an employee for arriving late two or three times in a given year

Read full article: https://www.shrm.org/hrnews_published/articles/CMS_021684.asp#P-8_0

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