Does the Sun Effect Your Productivity?

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As I was loudly singing in my car to the Sheryl Crow song, “Soak up the Sun”– much to the dismay of my 5 1/2 year old who was rolling his eyes in the back seat (what is THAT all about??), I was thinking what a beautiful, sunny day it was here today in Michigan. Everyone seemed happier, nicer. I’ve read that there is a direct link between lack of sun and depression. A disorder that affects more than 35 million Americans is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This can affect moods, eating and sleeping patterns, and no doubt, job search enthusiasm.

I know that I am much more productive on sunny days. And on the days when the clouds cover up the sun, I blast on every light I can find in my office to keep myself productive. Otherwise, I tend to feel… sleepy.

If you are feeling the effects of too little sun and too much winter, you might want to turn on a few more lights in your house or office, and listen to Sheryl Crow. I guarantee you will feel more productive and will get the zip back in your job search.

What do you do when suffering from too little sun? Talk to me…

Weathering the Weather

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… how the weather really does affect our moods and ability to work.

According to a recent survey of more than 6,000 workers by, “employees tend to be less productive on gloomy-weather days–with rain cited as the condition that most negatively impacts demeanor (21%).”

“When asked which weather attribute most affects their moods or productivity negatively, workers pointed to rain (21%), cold (14%), heat (13%), darkness (9%), and snow (9%).

The good news (not part of the survey) is that we can keep our finger on the pulse of our moods and be aware to monitor according to the weather to make sure we are staying upbeat and not letting something external dictate our mood!

Better keep your lights on full blast at your desk!