I was so pleased with the guidance and expertise you shared with me to help me improve my resume and advance my career – thank you!
I have many positive things to say about your guidance and expertise. I feel I have had access to a personal consultant with the ease of communicating through email. Your always prompt responses and sound advice have really been of value to me.

L. Darling

Sourcing Executive

Thought you’d be interested to know that I posted my resume on a few sites on Friday. Within 2 hours of posting it on Dice, I received a call from a company that I had not even sent my resume to. So, I’m sure I owe at least half of the credit to you. Thanks again for your help.

D. Mersino

Software Developer

Hi Erin, I have just received my completed documents from my writer and I wanted to let you know how VERY pleased I am with the work that he produced. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter far exceeded my expectations. I am very confident that these tools will help me take my career to the next level. I will definitely be recommending your service to my peers

A. Skaarsgard

Project Manager

Thank you so much for writing my resume package. It looks wonderful! It’s the first time that I’m actually proud of my resume and can’t wait for people to read it! My writer was wonderful to work with and put my entire working career into a flawless and flowing narrative. I am ready to get back to work! I have already told many people about your company in the hopes that they contact you at some point. Thank you again and may 2011 bring health, wealth and happiness to you and yours!

J. Lettinger

VP Corporate Finance

Hi Erin, I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for preparing my professional resume package. I’m very pleased with the end results. Karen is a masterful resume writer and was an absolute pleasure to work with! It was a great experience all around. And a special thanks for the complimentary Reference Page–I love gifts, especially unexpected ones! I’ll be sure to have my Reference Page with me when I interview. Thanks again, Erin, for your and your team’s excellent work on my project. I wish you continued success in your business.

C. Perisho

Sen. Account Executive

Oh, I’m digging this resume. I’d like to hire myself! MUCH better – eye catching as well. Alrighty, I think we are good. and by golly I hope your right about them wanting me! I’m a good boss – really, I am. So, I’ve been bragging about you already.

L. Sesser

Marketing Director

Hi Erin. I reviewed the new resume and cover letter. Everything looks great. You are right. The resume looks more complete with supporting evidence at the same time as being more compact and direct to the point. I want to thank you so much for the work you completed for me. Your experience and expertise were well applied here. You are truly a professional. Thank your for your prompt attention and your patience putting up with my continuous input.

B. Conners

Mechanical Engineer

Erin, the experience was very good and Cheryl (and team) was the right choice for my resume and I appreciated the hustle so that I had something for my interview. I have had three trusted CEO’s review this resume and all have complimented the work. Thanks for the reference package it will come in handy. I am headed out of town this week but when I return I will be asking your team to prepare another version that targets Global Executive VP of HR roles

T. Skova

VP, Human Resources