Thanks a lot for your personal and professional approach and my kudos to Sukyi for her patience as I know I’m a hard customer.🙂

E. Velesevich

Business Development & Partner Manager

Thank you very much for the complimentary reference page. It is greatly appreciated! I am very pleased with the resume. I am currently applying for a VP of Operations position and I think they liked my new resume as well since I will be interviewing shortly. Thanks again and take care!”

T. Hernandez

Director of Operations

Greg, It’s two sheets of pure gold leaf. Thank you. I think it’s ready for prime time.

D. Beauf

Asset Manager

Christina, first of all, your work is amazing! This resume reflects everything accurately and clearly. Honestly, it’s flawless.

R. Doldier

Hi Marie and Erin- After 2 months of pounding the pavement with my fabulous new Hillary Clinton resume, I’ve landed my first freelance job with the team. I will be a project lead on the inaugural launch campaign rally on Roosevelt Island Saturday, June 13th. It’s an exciting opportunity to be surrounded by senior, talented “advance” staff with lots of political campaign experience. Thought you would both like to see this! Your resumes do work! Resume and attached to refresh your memory. Thanks again!!

J. Cole

Project Lead Inaugural Launch, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton

Got to say you pretty much nailed it. Definitely see what I paid for. This is exactly where I want to go.

R. Baronson

VP Digital Media

I receive so many compliments on my resume. My former boss said it’s the best she’s seen a long while.

D. Krate

Operations Executive

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for my new resume. I’m so surprised by it AND I really like it. Thank you! At a first glance I think the resume looks really really good. My husband and mom really loved it too! I am truly happy I was assigned to you Marie. Thank you so much for your work and concern for my expectations. I really like this resume! Thank you very very much for your efforts Marie, I’m so grateful.

J. Hilton

Creative Director