What Not to Do With Your Executive LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn profile development is essential to your success.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile can be just as tough as putting together the right resume, especially if you aren’t particularly savvy with the Internet. You have to figure out just the right way to frame yourself, all in a format that’s slightly different from the average resume. Whether you already have a LinkedIn account or are just now setting up an account, we have some advice regarding common mistakes that keep individuals from maintaining an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Don’t Ignore the Privacy Settings

Having other employees (or your supervisor) find out you’re in the middle of a job search isn’t the best situation. In fact, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth.

Don’t Confuse LinkedIn with Facebook

LinkedIn is a wholly separate entity from Facebook and should be treated as such. Keep the information you include on your profile both accurate and current. Any photos you upload should represent you in a completely professional light. Furthermore, don’t clutter your profile with negativity and personal gripes. This will only give off a bad impression to recruiters and hurt your ability to get hired.

Don’t Be Self-Effacing

Never let yourself feel too intimidated to reach out to others, especially if they’re a hiring manager or someone else in the position to help you land a job. Doing this is actually the first step to impressing them. It also puts a more personal spin on the introductory process resumes and cover letters give.

Don’t Ask Just Anyone to Vouch for You Professionally

Only ask people to write endorsements that cater to the skills you truly possess. It does you no favors for people to write puff pieces about you. In fact, it will harm you later on when employers expect you to fulfill a need you have no real experience with. Recommendations are just as important. Ask only the people you work for or with and have a good rapport with to talk about why you should be hired.

Don’t Shut Yourself Off from Other LinkedIn Users

Consider joining groups that are relevant to your interests. By becoming part of a group that caters to your chosen industry, you can stay in touch with news and job openings much more easily, as well as make some great connections with others.

Don’t Neglect Your Profile

An idle profile is less likely to get hired than one that consistently updates and develops relationships to other LinkedIn members. Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn is more likely to get you noticed by recruiters.

Don’t Skimp on Your Description

A well-written description is part of the ticket to ideal LinkedIn profile development. The best descriptions zero in on your skills as an employee and what you have to offer to a company if you’re hired. Try to write something brief, but attention-grabbing.
An optimized LinkedIn profile now ranks on the same level of importance as a good resume and can be vital in making sure employers know you’re available and ready to come aboard. If need be, don’t hesitate to look into hiring a LinkedIn profile service to help you get set up!