Don’t Fall Prey to Negative Influences

With the economic downturn, unemployment rates rising and the job market seemingly getting tighter, it is easy to get depressed about your job search. Being from Michigan, I am inundated daily either via the television, radio, internet, or newspaper with gloom and doom about our economy at it’s worst in 30 years, etc. It’s easy to get sucked into the attitude ‘no one is hiring’.

I’m here to tell you THAT’S NOT TRUE. People are getting hired every day. My clients send me feedback all the time with good news. I’m not saying that the economy/job market is super… what I’m saying is it is in your attitude.

Attitude plays a key role in your job search. Think about some of your best days when you felt like you were on a roll. Maybe you woke up and it was sunny outside. You checked your email and you got a response from a resume posting. Feeling excited, suddenly you get a phone call from an old pal who says his co-workers wife’s company has a position opening up that would be perfect for you. And so on. Suddenly, life is wonderful, the world is full of opportunities, jobs are everywhere, and YOU ARE IN DEMAND. See how it was a domino effect?

It’s all about energy. When you are feeling positive, you are sending out positive transmitters, “Hire me… I’m perfect for the job!”. When you are feeling negative, what is the domino effect you transmit? “No one will hire me. There are NO jobs out there. I will never get a job, unless it is some fast-food place for minimum wage…” etc. You are putting out your own frequencies. Think about your best and worst days– it doesn’t have to be job related. See how it happens? Keep that in mind when job searching. Don’t let yourself fall for the general attitude about job searching these days– stand out from the pack— be positive, keep your thoughts focused on the outcome, send out those “I’m Great and the One You Want” frequencies, and watch what happens.

Erin Kennedy, CPRW