3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond to Optimize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile

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When you start seeing LinkedIn as a way to enhance your career for the long-term rather than simply a platform you need to update to keep up with the trends, then you’ll have many more opportunities come your way. In order to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you must go beyond simply filling it out until it’s 100% complete. Of course, that’s the first step you have to take, but consider it to be the beginning rather than the end result. The best executive LinkedIn profiles are full of recommendations, skills, contacts, connections and much more. Here are three effective ways to go above and beyond to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Complete More Than Just The Recommended Profile Sections

Once your professional LinkedIn profile writer has helped you complete the necessary sections of your profile, look at what else can be filled in. This may mean adding new skills as you develop them, discussing volunteer experience, mentioning organizations you’re a part of, any coursework you’re actively participating in and more. The idea is to give whoever views your profile a complete view of your skills, achievements and personality.

Build Your Network of Connections

The more quality connections you have on LinkedIn, the higher up your name will show in the search results. Getting to 500+ connections is easier than you may think, but it can require some effort depending on what stage you’re at in your career. Take a look at companies in your industry and see who you can connect with. You can also consider reaching out to past co-workers to build up your connections list. Any professional LinkedIn profile writer will also recommend joining LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and participating in meaningful discussions. This may be the most effective way to build your list of connections naturally, since the other group members will get to know you well with the way you communicate.

Interact Regularly With Your Connections

Continue looking at different executive LinkedIn profiles and reaching out to people to share a piece of news or to simply check in with them. The more your name is in their mind, the better the chances are of them remembering you if an opportunity arises. And as far as the ability to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you may receive endorsements or recommendations from these people as a sign of appreciation for your interactions with them.

Professional Resume Services works with executive LinkedIn profiles regularly to ensure they are fully optimized. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile is a necessity in today’s world of business, but you also have to make sure yours is handled appropriately. If you’re ever in any need of assistance with the development of your LinkedIn profile, feel free to contact us at any time and we would be happy to help.