4 Company Holiday Party Mistakes to Avoid

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People have different perspectives on company holiday parties. Some dread going to them every year, while others have waited for this day to come since the last one ended. Regardless of your opinion, company parties are generally seen as a requirement to attend. And since you’re going to attend, you might as well use it as an opportunity to enhance your branding rather than hurt it. Here are the top four company holiday party mistakes employees and executives make that they later regret.

Drinking Too Much

Many holiday parties will have an open bar, which means the possibility of over-drinking is high. Drinking too much can lead to saying things you don’t necessarily mean, acting inappropriately and doing things you’ll later regret. It’s perfectly fine to have a couple of drinks while you’re socializing, but if you continue to drink throughout the night, mix in some water as well–and eat! Not only will you feel better in the morning, you’ll also protect your c-level personal branding reputation. You don’t want to be that person that everyone talks about the following Monday.

Eating Sloppily–or Not Enough

Take advantage of the great food available to you, but don’t go overboard. Be conscious of the people who will come up to greet you and always have a free hand available. And remember your manners, as you don’t want to be the person who spits food out of their mouth while talking to others. As tempting as it is to load up on food, try not to overindulge. Also, you do want to make sure that you eat. You may be the type that maybe in social settings, or out of nervous energy drinks a lot of wine or coffee. Either of those in large quantities aren’t good for your system. Make sure you eat something to soak up the liquids you are consuming.

Complaining & Socializing

You wouldn’t complain during an interview, and the same is true at a holiday party. Whether you’re complaining about work, the food at the party, the environment or anything else, no one wants to hear it. It’s not the time or the place. Turn complaints into compliments and you and the other attendees will have a much better experience. Make a conscious effort to talk to people from different departments, people you know by face, but never had a conversation with them. At a company party I was at (I was in medical sales way back when), I made an effort to talk to the accounting/payroll department and the shipping department. I had heard of the names of these people, but never met them. Yet, the accounting department wrote my checks and the shipping department were the folks who shipped out my supplies and made sure everything got to where it needed to go on time. Meeting them all really solidified the camaraderie you create when you work with a team. It was fantastic. After that, it was much easier to call any of them to inquire about vendor invoices or find out where the product was.

Not Arriving On Time or Staying Long Enough

You can guarantee the top executives, managers and supervisors are taking note of who shows up, when they show up, and how long they stay. The rule of thumb is to arrive within 30 minutes or so of the start time and stay until the party is over, to the extent it’s possible. Showing up an hour late, eating some food, drinking a couple beverages and leaving early isn’t going to look good for you. Make plans ahead of time to block off the appropriate amount of time to stay.
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