Job Search in a Recession

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Job Searching in a Recession

The first thing I am going to tell you is this: DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. COMPANIES ARE STILL HIRING EVERYDAY!

That said, dust off your portfolio and get out your resume and cover letter. When was the last time it was updated? Is all information current? Do you have a .txt version or ASCII version of your resume? You will need that version for your online job posting. Read over your cover letter, does it still say everything you want it to say? Does it reiterate your strong points and showcase some of your accomplishments? If not, you will need to add those things. If you are unsure, send me an email and I can look it over.

Your job search must be your full time job. Get up every morning, TURN OFF the news, and start returning emails. Set up a LinkedIn account and connect with old colleagues and friends. Let everyone know you are job searching. The number one way to get a job is through networking!

Keep looking locally even if everyone around you tells you no one is hiring (there is always SOME PLACE interesting that is hiring). Go to local business mixers and get to know folks in your area.

Stay positive and hopeful. Work on your job search every day. I guarantee you will find a job you love.

Until next time…