5 Executive Job BoardsHappy smiling businesswoman with computer at office
If you’re an executive searching for a job, you know how difficult the job search is. You can’t just follow the same rules and patterns that most sites recommend for job searches. Additionally, most sites don’t gear their writing or even dedicate a portion of it to covering what executives need to do to get a job.
When executives search for a job, they don’t look at career web sites. If you’re an executive, knowing where to go can be just as important as who you know. Besides knowing the right people, when it comes to executives seeking to find a job, there is one other place to look:  job boards.
Job boards get a bad rap. I’m one of the many career folks who says, ‘don’t rely on using just job boards to find your next job’. Job search requires a combination of techniques, however, I think using the right job boards can greatly enhance your chance of getting the next job.
What is a job board?

If you’re an executive who climbed the ladder without job boards, congratulations. If you’re an executive needing to get back on the ladder, well welcome to the job board circus. A job board is an online listing where companies seek out top tier candidates. Companies in the know ignore mainstream job sites so they can avoid being inundated with hundreds and even thousands of applications from mid-level candidates who simply don’t have the experience and skill set to be an executive.
In short, a job board is similar to those mainstream sites in that they list executive jobs. They offer the same search and filter features, but only accept jobs for companies seeking executives. It weeds out the riff raff, shall we say.
The second, and most unfortunate, way the job board weeds out non-executives is by a fee. They understand that because there are fewer jobs posted, the payment for access to those jobs must come from the applicants. Since those applicants are executives, the companies figure they can afford the investment.
Below are a few job boards I like and a couple that seem interesting to me:

      • Execunet: No job board list would be complete without ExecuNet. Around since 1988, ExecuNet caters to executives making over $100,000 each year. The service offers resume and networking programs throughout the United States. The site made Forbe’s Best of the Web list and has been featured in many magazines.
      • Netshare: Anyone that knows job boards may not have heard of this company. They are lesser known, but offer many of the same services as the big executive boards. The service is exclusive to executives making in excess of $100,000 per year. Their site also includes features written by or about top-tier executives that could be helpful and inspirational.
          • Executives Only: This company was included primarily because it is great place for mid-levels supervisors to make the leap into executive status. The reason is the service caters to executives earning over $70,000 annually. The site focuses on providing the educational tools to land the job, as much as finding the job.
            • Rite Site: This board takes a different approach. The services offers the same networking and resume services as other boards. In addition, they select certain companies of a high reputation to guarantee the executive jobs being sought are actually available and credible since some top-tier companies post jobs that they, in reality, do not intend to fill. That’s a key component of their operation, but a minor feature, which is why they barely cracked this list of  job boards.
            • Executives Network: The company provides the ideal blend of in-person and Internet job search opportunity. The company connects users with other executives in the job field both online and in person. The group offers meetings in most major cities across the nation. The job is primarily for top-tier executives such as CEOs, CFOs and Vice Presidents.

              If you know of any other executive job boards, let me know. I’d love to hear!