5 Things To Leave Off Of Your Resume

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When you start to look up hints and tips on resume writing online, you will find a number of websites and support guides that claim to help you write the perfect resume. Most of us are aware of the fact that your resume is extremely important and can be make or break when it comes to an employer deciding whether to invite you in for an interview. Most of us know what to include on a resume when it comes to job hunting, but it also means we fall into the same traps of including information that we don’t need.

  1. Out Of Date Information: A lot of us just use the same resume when it comes to applying for different jobs. This is fine as long as the information included in the resume is generic and not too specific. For example, if you have a list of objectives on your resume, then you need to make sure that it matches the job you are applying for because it if doesn’t this is going to be detrimental to your job application.
  2. Head Shots: Don’t include photos in your application because they are simply not needed. Whilst people shouldn’t judge on appearance (and probably won’t admit that they do) it is easy to do so, so you really don’t want to give them an excuse to write off your application purely on the way you look.
  3. Personal Information: Information such as your date of birth, where you were born, name of your partner, etc. is information that they don’t need and simply serves to make your resume longer than it needs to be. Make sure that the information on your job application and resume is only the information that needs to be included in order to help them make up their mind as to whether or not to invite you in for an interview.
  4. Why You Left Your Last Job: Unless your last job was temporary or for a set contract, don’t include any information regarding the ending of your last job on your resume. If your potential new employers need to know this, then they will ask you at the interview stage. There is no need to include this on your resume.
  5. Unfinished Information: Any decent word processing program with have a resume template that you can use to create a professional looking resume on. This is great, but make sure that you don’t leave any of it incomplete (ie “your name here” instead of replacing it with your own name).

This is just a short look at things you should leave off of your resume in order to give yourself the best chance of job success and to help you create the perfect resume.