Are You Prepared for the Ultimate Previous Job Interview Question?

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Preparing for a job interview can be just as intense as writing an effective resume. You’re challenged with anticipating the questions you’ll be asked in order to be prepared appropriately, but you also don’t want to sound scripted when you answer. The one question you’ll inevitably be asked will revolve around your previous employer. Most of the time the question is phrased negatively, such as “what didn’t you like about your previous job.”
This is a tricky question for many reasons. You may have left on bad terms, so it’s difficult to say anything positive about it. Here’s how to prepare yourself to answer this question most effectively and not hurt your chances of getting the job.

Be Honest, But Not Harsh

You can’t lie to your interviewers and say your previous job was great if you know it wasn’t. You will likely mention your job duties in your executive bio, so focus on those tasks when answering the question honestly. Talk about how you wish some aspects of your role would have been different and how the role simply wasn’t a good fit for you.

Don’t Bash Past Co-Workers

Never talk bad about previous co-workers. The more you talk about how you didn’t have a good relationship with your boss or other employees, the more doubt will creep into the interviewer’s mind that you may not be a good fit from a personality standpoint. Instead, focus on specific tasks where you may not have been able to demonstrate your full skill set and how you may have been happier if you were assigned those tasks.

Be Careful When Talking About Job Duties

A professional resume writing service will get creative when explaining job duties on a resume. It’s important to put the most relevant duties on your resume, but be careful with what you talk about in an interview. The more negative you talk about job duties, the better the chances are that you’ll end up talking negatively about a duty you may have at your new job.

Make A Negative Experience More Positive

Just like when writing an effective resume, you should strive to be positive at all times in your interview. You can address the negative aspects of your previous job by using the tips mentioned above, while putting a positive spin on them. Talk about what you learned and how it made you a better person and worker as a result. Tie the entire story into why you believe you’re a great fit for the company’s open position.
At Professional Resume Services, we understand the interview process is just as important as writing an effective resume. That’s why we believe we are more than just a professional resume writing service. We enjoy helping professionals prepare for interview questions so they have a better chance of landing the job they desire. For more tips like this, feel free to contact us at any time and we would be happy to assist.