Instead of getting discouraged by the lack of response to your resume….get busy!
There are a myriad of tactics and tools you can use to improve your resume and not all are painful or require a lot of redo to your resume. The thing is – they can help you get a job and isn’t that what you want?
So how do you go about fixing your resume quickly?

  1. Delete your objective.  Many companies do not care what you want. It’s a sad truth but one that have to live with. Removing your objective gives more space for you to focus on skills that the employer craves.
  2. Add a straightforward statement that explains why you are uniquely qualified for the position.  Such as:Proven Marketing Leader with Far Reaching Corporate ExperienceMake sure that your statement is true and matches your job description. The last thing you want to do is make yourself out to be something that you’re not. HR Managers hate this, especially if you use a headline in your resume. But, if done correctly a statement helps recruiters immediately see that you are what they’re looking for in a candidate.
  3. Include a summary of skills (keyword bulleted list) -especially if you have skills related to the open position. But, also include things like certifications, features you have, language skills and any technical abilities that would set you apart from your peers. Do you understand Linux or can you program C++? Then add that on your resume. Any skills that you possess should be showcased because it gives you extra value to the employer. You may not need those skills but it’s good to have them on your resume.
  4. Look through job descriptions in order to identify keywords companies are looking for on your resume. This sounds trickier than it actually is but there’s a site called There you can copy and paste the job description and it will give you a simple, easy to read explanation about the keywords that your prospective employer is looking for. Keywords help your resume stand out and if a company sees that your resume has the needed keywords, you stand a better chance of landing the job. Adjust your resume according to the keywords and to match the description of the job.
  5. Replace weak words and statements with Power Words. Instead of saying “Contributed to the company newsletter,” write, “Managed the award winning Vista monthly publication, the flagship magazine of Made-Up Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of silicon diodes.” Both statements may be true but the second one carries a lot more weight and showcases your talents. Make sure your statements are said with power.

The job market is tough right now, so you have to take advantage of any opportunity. Do not let one slip by because your resume is not up to par. Next month check out more tips on how to improve your resume and get noticed!