Five Ways to Break the Ice at Networking Events

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Networking events can be intimidating, especially if you are an introvert by nature. But for executives, networking is crucial to landing the job you want in the future. Sometimes even the best executive resume writing service can’t help you get the job you want if you don’t take the necessary steps to connect with people in your industry. Here are five effective ways you can break the ice and make yourself known at executive networking events.

1. Arrive Early

When you arrive early, there will be fewer people present. This will make approaching people less intimidating, since there is more of a one-on-one interaction. Plus, you could meet someone who is extroverted and can introduce you to more people as they arrive, so just follow their lead if that happens!

2. Bring a Friend or Colleague With You

You shouldn’t always hang out with the person you know at a networking event, but it can help to break the ice. Inviting other people into your conversation could help get the ball rolling for other conversations and introductions, where you could eventually split away from your friend and meet new people.

3. Be Prepared With Questions

Any executive resume service can help you come up with questions to use at your networking event. Questions are the best ways to break the ice, because people are generally more interested in themselves than you. Just listen to other executives talk about themselves and their accomplishments, and ask engaging follow-up questions, and you’ll seem like a networking expert.

4. Be Approachable

No one wants to talk to a person standing in the corner with their arms crossed or their hands in their pockets. If this is how you stand when you’re uncomfortable, then print out some copies of your executive bio and hold onto them. This will help you look more approachable and someone may even ask what you’re holding!

5. Be Yourself

The best executive resume writing service will tell you to be yourself on paper and in person. If you’re naturally introverted, embrace it and find ways to break out of your shell. This is a much more effective way of breaking the ice rather than trying to act like an extrovert. Most executives will be able to tell a fake person right away, so don’t let that be you.
Networking events are perfect for meeting new people to help you land the job you desire. If you need help or advice about attending these events, feel free to reach out to us at any time.