How to Make Your Social Networking Work for You, Not Against You

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Networking has changed in many different ways over the last several years. Nowadays, many people who attend actual networking events are already familiar with the people in attendance, even though they’ve never actually met before. The power of social networking is phenomenal and plays a significant role in c-level personal branding. Everything you do online is critiqued and criticized, so it can be easy to make mistakes and derail your job search. Here are a few effective ways to make your social networking efforts work in your favor.

Make Engaging And Insightful Posts

Before you even begin reaching out to potential connections, see if a professional LinkedIn profile writer can help you optimize your profile as much as possible. Once you’ve got the basics covered, then put together a string of insightful posts that are attractive for your targeted audience. This should include a mix of original thoughts, ideas or article, as well as articles from other sources. And when you identify people you want to connect with, start sharing their articles and posts as well and they will take notice of you.

Interact With People Appropriately

You definitely don’t want to appear to be a stalker, but you also want to reach out to people appropriately to demonstrate your c-level personal branding. Targeting people on LinkedIn or other social media platforms means identifying people who work for companies you may be interested in working for. It could also mean connecting with people and developing mutually-beneficial professional relationships with them. You can start off by making subtle comments on their social media posts and eventually reaching out to them to introduce yourself.

Build Your Online Brand And Work Towards Meeting In Person

A big part of c-level personal branding online starts with LinkedIn profile development. A solid profile is attractive and can tell anyone who visits it a lot about who you are. Once you’ve interacted with a connection for a while and can see the value of meeting them in person, don’t hesitate to extend an invitation to them to do so. However, without building this social networking relationship upfront, the chances of them accepting your invitation are very low. Developing positive social networking relationships can open up doors to many different opportunities in your future.

At Professional Resume Services, we believe LinkedIn profile development is a critical aspect of your job search efforts. Too many executives make critical mistakes with their social networking and they damage their job search as a result. The main thing to remember is to always be conscious of what you post online and ask yourself if it helps your c-level personal branding or hurts it. To learn more about how social networking works and how you can benefit from it, feel free to contact us at any time.