How to Makeover Your Resume for Social Media Marketing

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Narrow down your experiences in your executive resume bio.

An executive resume bio requires you to narrow down your experiences.

In the past decade, the job market has been adapting to the growing technological age we live in today. Naturally, this means the old ways of job hunting are on their way out, and those who are searching for a new career have to adapt their application methods in a way that helps them market themselves to today’s hiring managers. This is vitally important for those interested in getting into social media professionally because the entire industry thrives on snappy marketing and wit by nature. Here is some advice to help aspiring social media marketers spice up their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and land better job opportunities.

Focus on Your Skills

Practically every job in this day and age requires some sort of skill, meaning your skills are the most vital part of catching an employer’s eye and landing a job. You must market yourself in a way that presents what you can offer to a company in terms of job experience and professional skills in a way that is concise, direct and appealing.

Cut Out Any Fluff

You should only include skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. In other words, make sure your executive resume bio stays simple. Resumes are supposed to be brief and eye-catching. While you’ve probably gained many remarkable accomplishments, it’s not worth informing employers about every single one of them. Pick only the ones that matter to the field you’re hoping to enter. Some relevant skills relating to social media marketing are video production, especially for YouTube and other streaming sites, blog writing, researching for marketing purposes, the ability to advertise well on social media and a good grasp of Twitter, as well as other social media networks.

Include Any Relevant Career Experiences

Just like your skills, you should really only talk about career experiences that pertain to your aspiring field. This will give recruiters an idea of what you’ve done before and can thus bring to their company. Get to the meat of your social media skills. Cut out everything that has nothing to do with social media work and your skills in relation to the field. If you do these things, you’re guaranteed to be much closer to the type of resume employers are looking for.
When you first craft a resume or begin delving into LinkedIn profile development, it may seem all too tempting to put as much of your professional background onto your resume as possible to appeal to employers. However, this isn’t the best way to land jobs. Recruiters often have to sort through several hundred resumes at once, leaving only a few seconds for them to glance at yours. Make those seconds count. Your resume should be to-the-point and catered to your desired industry. A LinkedIn profile service can often help you achieve these goals.