How You Can Tweak Your Resume If You're Entering a New Field

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Change can be a scary thing, especially when the change directly affects your future. This is why so many people hesitate when it comes to shifting industries. Those in this process may be transitioning into a new industry with little to no experience or with only indirect experience from their previous jobs. If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering just how to approach this change. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on this important first step! Second, recreating your resume to match your transition to a new field is not the easiest task, but it is certainly doable. Let us show you how.

Figure Out If There’s Any Way Your Previous and Current Industries Match Up

This will take a bit of thought, but it’s worth it in the long run when it comes to making your resume easier to approach. There may be elements of your previous career that sync with your potential new one and can be described in such a way that will catch the interest of prospective employers in your new field. This tip should prove especially relevant to professional executive resume writers with a long list of strong, eye-catching skills.

Rewrite Your Resume Entirely

Your current resume won’t be one size fits all. Your high involvement in your last field versus your smaller level of involvement in your current one will glare through unless you rework things properly. Take our last suggestion into account as you rewrite your resume to fit your new industry. Your skills likely still matter much more than you may think! Think about what the positions you’re applying for need and consider whether your skills still line up.

Don’t Be Afraid to Name Drop

If you’ve had the privilege of collaborating with high-ranking professionals during your time in your old industry, be sure to highlight this! Showing you are extremely qualified in one field and were able to perform well in another position will bode well in the eyes of recruiters in your new field.

Summarize Yourself

This will take utilization of all of the above tips we’ve mentioned. Make use of the impact you left upon your old industry and the skills you’ve developed within it and weave it into a descriptive paragraph that complements the current position you seek. This is a brilliant way to market yourself in any industry and lets employers know quickly and directly what you can offer to the industry and their company.
We hope this brief list will help professional executive resume writers as they transition into a brand new industry. This isn’t the easiest change to make, but it should prove worthwhile. If you need any more help or advice, feel free to reach out to your local executive resume writer services. There are a large number of top resume writing services that can help you reorient your resume properly.