How Much Information Is Too Much To Include In A Resume

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Resumes have been used for many years now. Some businesses want a resume in addition to a completed application. And, if you have been in the job market a long time, chances are your resume could easily become 10-12 pages. And that, my friends is too long.
Several years ago, when resumes first began, potential interviewers wanted to see what was on a job application but in paragraph form. So, it came to pass that resumes ended up with a lot of personal information that employers today could care less about. In addition to that, the identity theft issue has raised many concerns about personal information that is freely given.
In today’s world of resumes, less is more. It will depend on the type of job you are seeking. College graduates and entry level positions are not going to have much to put on a resume so one page usually suffices.
For executive level positions, resumes could be as long as four pages. The information on executive resumes needs to encompass all the past years’ experience in a management position. Some individuals in this capacity still may not need more than two pages as they might have been with one or two companies for several years. But it will be debatable if even this will work.
For those seeking an executive position, it is important to not only list experience, but employers are going to want to know other things such as problem solving skills, hiring/firing skills, management style and education.
Since the job market is so tough today, it’s very important to fatten your resume so you will stand out from the rest. At the same time, some information does not need to be included. Things like hobbies, interests and family do not need to be on an executive resume. If the employer wants to know these things, it will be asked during a face-to-face interview. Additionally, it is acceptable to put your phone number and city and state. You no longer have to put your address or website on a resume because of the increase in identity theft.
It is also important to use a cover letter. Cover letters are only one page detailing the job position you are applying for and a quick synopsis of why you would be the ideal candidate. Remember, this cover letter is the first visual someone will have about you and you want it to capture their attention.