Is it Bad Etiquette to Ask For Another Job While Interviewing?

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A lot of people will browse a company’s website and see if they have open jobs available, nothing wrong with that and some people will even apply to more than one job while on the page. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s when you get to the interview phase that things can become tricky. Job interviews never seem to get any easier – even if you have gone on more interviews than you can begin to count. You keep meeting new people, talking about yourself and what you offer, and sometimes getting the third degree from employers. But, what if you go into an interview for one job, but you know the company has something that would be a better fit for you?
No one is going to go into an interview and start talking up the merits of one job versus another, but if you interview with a HR representative first it does give you the ability to mention other jobs you might be interested in. So, what can you do to show your interest for another job while interviewing?
Practice makes Perfect
During a usual interview, you may be sweating bullets about the questions or how you appear, but if you took the time to learn about the company and the open positions you are qualified for, you can converse intelligently about the open positions. Think of actual examples that you have used in the past that works well with the job you want. Providing evidence of past work in that field is a great way to shift focus towards other positions.
Prepare for all Contingencies
Prepare a response so that when you ask about other positions you have a quick response to why you are interested in that position. Make sure that you know about the company and the positions that are available. Try and relate your past experience with the skills needed for the other position, sometimes interviewers will know that you are not qualified for one position and will offer you others.
Watch and Learn
Look at what others have done to find a way to bring up other positions lightly. You do not want to go into the interview proclaiming how you are right for another position, the interviewer will not respect that position and it will damage your chances at either job.
Get yourself Ready
Make sure that you are dressed the part, no matter what part it is you’re applying for. Try and look neat, tidy and appropriate for any situation. Bring clean copies of your resume that highlight the relatable experience you have and bring a pen and pad for notes.
Staying Calm
During the job interview try to relax and stay calm, if you need a moment before the interview, take it. Now is the time to get your mind right for dominating the conversation and letting your desires be known.
It may not work every time but if you can get yourself in an interview; you may be able to transition away from one position into interviewing for the one that is right for you.