Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Past?

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Most executives have the same job for numerous years, which means new resume trends have developed in the meantime. Even if you’ve only been at your current company for a few years, chances are your resume is already outdated from both stylistic and content perspectives. An executive resume writer can get your resume out of the past and modernize it to give you a better chance of being recognized. But before you hire one, here are some tips you can follow to determine on your own whether your resume is stuck in the past.

Ditch The Resume Template

Did you use a resume template for your last resume? If you did, it’s time to start over from scratch. The key to writing resumes that get you hired is making it stand out by using easy-to-read formatting, styles and effectively using white space. Plus, a vast majority of people will write their resume using a template, making it difficult to stand out. Do yourself a favor and ditch the resume template, and work with an executive resume writer instead.

Cut Out Wordy Text

The best way to eliminate wordy text is by having a clear direction with targeted content throughout your resume. You have about six seconds to impress your reader, and they won’t even take that long if they look at your resume and see more text than white space. Touch on main points, achievements, accomplishments and use concrete statistics wherever appropriate to eliminate wordiness and present meaningful information.

Remove The Objective Header

People used to think writing an effective resume meant starting off with an objective section. This used to state why you are applying for the job. This an obvious statement, because you are indirectly stating your objective by applying for the position in the first place. All it does is take up valuable space on your resume that can be used for more meaningful content instead. Check with an executive resume writer if you’re unsure how to effectively remove the objective section of your resume.

Don’t Mention References on Your Resume

Nowadays it’s understood you can provide references upon request. Don’t waste space on your resume by providing references or saying they are available. The interviewer may ask you for references, so it’s important to always have them available. Having a list of references at the bottom of your resume is a sure way to tell your potential employer that you’re not up-to-date with the latest resume trends.
Professional Resume Services knows what goes into writing an effective resume, no matter the industry you work in. Modernizing the style of your resume is important for being recognized, but so is the type of information provided. We can help you with both aspects if needed, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re having a hard time getting your resume up to date.