Job Search Prospects from a Candidate's Perspective

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Today’s job seekers are more critical about the hiring process than ever
and many companies are starting to see this trend continue.
It seems more people are going for the same jobs, which creates competition for critical positions where many people have similar or comparative skills. To make things even more difficult for those looking for work, jobs in  marketing, finance and telecommunications are being outsourced to other countries that offer cheaper labor.
In speaking with my clients the past few months, the following are some of the thoughts they share:
It can be a cut-throat hiring world out there and it pays to be diligent when you’re looking for a job. Talk to some of your friends in the job market, chances are you will hear horror stories of people not working for 1, 2 or even 3 years. Many people are depressed with the current job market and with actual unemployment numbers hanging around 11% it’s no surprise that people are starting to get more and more worried.
Yes, there is some job growth, but there are also lost wages as employers stagnate wages in favor of giving higher-ups more competitive salaries while giving lower workers the old heave-hoe. Sometimes it’s easier for companies to find a fresh college graduate or outsource jobs overseas than it is to pay a 55 year old American – with years of experience – to do the same job.
This is where we stand now. It seems people are depressed about the current situation, so what are some things that we can do to remove ourselves from the current predicament and start the financial journey upwards?
Many candidates feel the hiring process is indicative of the type of company they are applying for. Candidate’s are tired of “jumping through hoops” just to get a job that pays $12 an hour. But, the other side of that are companies that hire too quickly and end up with the wrong employee.
Up to 40% of candidate’s will withdraw from the hiring process if the perceived company impression does not fit with their worldview. Interesting? Yes, they may be hard up for employment but many would rather work menial jobs than take a path that would violate their sense of well being. This, however, can benefit candidates who will gladly snap up these jobs just to have something, and have the hope that their hard work will manifest itself into a full-time career with their new company.
Always be prepared and focused on finding a job. I’ve heard of companies posting jobs on internet forums that like-minded candidates would visit in hopes of fishing a good employee. The online world is not the only place to be prepared. Just talking to people opens a whole new world of possibilities that many jobseekers are not looking for. They may say they’re looking for work but are fine with the status-quo. Do not be one of them.
Get out and find something that works for you. Work hard for it and make sure to cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s”.