Magnetize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile with These SEO Tips

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Creating an attractive LinkedIn profile is valuable for anyone who’s searching for a new job. However, even the cleanest and most attractive profiles won’t be discovered if you don’t incorporate the right amount of SEO keywords in them. If you’re new to SEO or don’t necessarily know the right ratio of keywords to incorporate, it’s worth it to hire an executive LinkedIn profile writer to help you optimize yours. You’ll have a much better chance of your profile showing up higher in the search results and being noticed. Here are some SEO tips to consider to make your LinkedIn profile act as a magnet to recruiters and hiring managers.

Load Your Headline With Keywords

Many recruiters look at the headline first before they read a profile any further. You only have a limited amount of characters to include in your LinkedIn profile headline, so make the most of every one of them. Think about what potential recruiters would search for. LinkedIn will create a default headline for you based on the information you input into your profile, but it’s not the SEO-rich headline you want. Change it up to add more relevant keywords and job titles recruiters are most likely to search for.

Scatter Keywords Throughout Other Sections

Your LinkedIn profile headline is a short section but can take some time to develop thoroughly since every character matters. Once you finish it, don’t forget about the other sections. SEO applies to all sections, even though a recruiter is going to likely read your headline first. Part of LinkedIn profile development is making the most of every section while ensuring the text and information flows naturally so it’s easy to read and enhances your brand. Doing so will give you a much better chance of getting recognized and potentially making new connections as a result.

Make Your Brand Evident

One mistake executives sometimes make is focusing too much on incorporating SEO keywords and neglecting to demonstrate their personal brand. A LinkedIn profile with great keywords will show up higher in the search results, but if there’s no meaningful content present, then a recruiter is going to pass it up. Combining SEO with a powerful branding message is something an executive LinkedIn profile writer excels at and is worth considering to optimize your profile.

Professional Resume Services strives to help executives maximize their job search by focusing on all the details of LinkedIn and SEO. We are much more than simply a resume writing service. Job searches today have many different components that all work together to demonstrate your personal brand. Whether you’re looking for a new job or if your LinkedIn profile needs a revamp, contact us at any time to see how we can help you out.