Is It Still Proper To Send Thank You's After A Job Interview

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Thank You job interviewer
With the advent of the internet, emails, texting and online applications, some consider the thank you note after an interview to be over. Those of you who know me, or are used to my ranting about this, know how I feel.
Not by a long shot it’s not. It is never and will never be proper etiquette to ignore a simple thank you.
By not showing proper etiquette and respect for the employer who is interviewing you, it is telling that person that you really just aren’t concerned with trivialities. This sends the wrong message to a prospective employer, who may very well put your resume to the side simply because you didn’t seem to be that interested if you couldn’t even send a thank you.
In today’s world, it is proper to send a thank you email. You don’t have to mail it and you certainly don’t want to text it. Texting can cause way too many spelling errors. It is also proper to send that email very soon after the interview, while it is still fresh in your mind.
Some things to include in the email is the thank you, followed by what you found interesting about the company and how your particular skills would be an asset to that company. You do not want to speak in a laid back fashion as if you are talking to someone on Facebook. That is totally unprofessional.
We may be living in a new technological world but old world manners are still more important even in the employment field. Manners and simple respect toward another will return to you in the same fashion. Think about if you were the hiring manager and you didn’t say thank you for the interview, you just might be a little put off by that.
As your mother probably used to say to you, “mind your manners,” and send those thank you emails so that you will be one step ahead toward landing that job.