Four Ways Job Hunting Isn't Like It Used to Be

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Enhance your job search with executive LinkedIn profiles.

Executive LinkedIn profiles can help your job search.

There are a few classic elements of job searching that will always remain: resumes, cover letters and making a good first impression on the people in charge of hiring. It is the approach to many job hunting principles that has changed, all thanks to today’s technology, which has made it far easier to communicate than it was in the past. In order to succeed in today’s job market, you’ll have to know how to navigate it.

You Have to Know How to Type

The common QWERTY keyboard is a staple in today’s world, so much so you will be expected to know how to use it. No longer is the ability to type efficiently highly coveted! Instead, other skills are much more important to today’s jobs. It will be on you to figure out which skills you have that are most relevant to the job you want,and how you can tailor them to appeal to different employers. Consulting with executive resume writing services is one way to learn the ropes.

Google Is Important!

Google is a far more powerful tool now than it was a decade ago, evidenced by its position within the workplace. You will have to stay on top of your online presence and make sure its squeaky clean in order to get ahead. Quite a few employers run searches on individuals they’re considering hiring or even to find the right people to hire in the first place! Since the first page of a Google search is the one people pay the most attention to, focus your efforts on doing some spring cleaning there. This tip is especially relevant to senior-level executives with established brands.

Establish or Edit Your Brand

If you don’t have a brand already, it’s important you set one up for yourself. Your online presence is a major part of your brand because all a brand does is display who you are to employers and to the world. Make sure your brand is stable and easy to interpret. This is easiest to do by simply monitoring how you interact online. Setting up executive LinkedIn profiles is a great way to start customizing your brand for employers.

Be Brief!

Remember: employers don’t have a lot of time to spend on your application! The most they will be able to devote to your resume is about half a minute, or 30 seconds. Your resume should only summarize your employment history and experiences as efficiently as possible. As the old adage goes, less is more! Any number of top rated resume writing services can help you figure out how to pare your resume down into something that will appeal to employers.