Data Security Is An Executive Issue

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data security is an executive issue
We’ve all seen the news reports on data breaches in retail. Even the President is getting involved by signing an Executive Order to combat the growing concern of identity fraud. But this security problem affects the corporate arena just as much as it affects the shopping cart. We all have to be aware that somebody is monitoring our online behavior and looking for a chance to make money somehow. That someone could be a marketer, or they could be a hacker and the effects of their motives affect our lives.

Be Aware of Security in Your Job Search

There isn’t a good way to find a job without being online somehow, unless you are in a unique situation. For most of us, an online job search brings privacy issues and the need to understand how and why security measures are important. This is a basic living skill in the world we inhabit, so it makes sense to keep an eye on developments.
Being aware of security and how it affects data becomes an asset in your career, because you have already developed an awareness that will protect your personal information and your employer’s.

Be Aware of Security in Your Career

Every business entity has security concerns. The risks of data exfiltration are high because the ability to save to “the cloud” with a single click makes it easy to put potentially sensitive information where it shouldn’t be. Staff and management alike need to be educated, and that training needs consistent reinforcement to keep data where it belongs.
Executives who maintain a respect and awareness of the challenges of data security will be ahead of the game because the discipline needed for secure habits is already there. As the responsibility in an organization increases, the security needed will also increase, so if you want to move up the corporate ladder, this skill is an asset.