Federal jobs–the hidden job market?

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Recently, I was at the Career Directors International Empowerment Summit in Orlando, Florida.
While I learned lots of interesting things, probably one of the most surprising for me was the talk on Federal Jobs.
Barb Adams, the President & CEO of CareerPro Global Inc., taught us what agencies were hiring  and how the Obama Administration is growing government. There are plans to expand services for many agencies and fund new programs including expansion of of the FDIC and SEC. There are thousands of jobs available for financial, lending and banking job seekers.  Even more at the highest levels of government that are looking for CEO, CIO, & CFOs. You can find these jobs at www.usajobs.com
Here are some tips you need to know that I learned from CareerPro Global:

  • The government will be hiring over 293,000 mission-critical jobs in the next two years in over 2,000 different departments, agencies and career fields. (Woot!)
  • More than 40% of the 1.6 current federal employees will retire within the next 5 years. (hint: thousands of open jobs)
  • Thanks to the Obama Administration and the Stimulus Plan, more federal positions are opening every day to manage grants and contracts associated with these projects.
  • Obama Stimulus Plan will create 5 million new green jobs by investing in biofuels and fuel infrastructure, manufacturing new technology, and green technologies.
  • Department of Defense has 3,000 open jobs for Admin positions and 1,000 for IT (cyber defense and security).

According to Barb, the government is looking for “new blood” and are hiring new employees at the Upper-Level grades starting at GS-11 and above. What’s more, the SES is looking for new leadership outside of government walls with strong core executive competencies. According to Obama’s budget, it will increase the number of civilian employees in the Executive Branch to more than 2 million workers— for the first time since President Clinton took office in 1992.
Lastly, did you know that federal jobs will pay up to $60,000 in student loans?
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