Gift Ideas For The Aspiring Executive

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gift ideas for the aspiring executive
It can be a challenge to select a good gift for someone who is looking for a job or working on being promoted. We like our gifts to be things that delight and get used (at least that’s my goal in gift-giving) and the “executive gift” often is not in those categories. So what does an aspiring Santa do?

Research, Research, Research

There’s a reason that appearance is important, particularly in your career. People make snap judgments based on your appearance. They might be wrong about you, but if there’s no further relationship, then there’s no way to find out why the first impression was wrong. Because of this, gifts that help create and maintain the executive image are usually very welcome.
The challenge is that there is no single business uniform. Different industries and different geographic regions have different standards of “dress for success”. So if you are selecting a good gift for the aspiring executive, then you need to know what will be helpful. Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • high-quality jewelry — classic always works, but a unique piece can be perfect for making a statement. Think good watches, real gold cuff links, or tie pins and earrings, etc.
  • high-quality tie — yes, the tie can become a joke when Dad gets so many, but if ties are worn, good ties look good longer.
  • high-quality pen — any old ball-point pen can write, but a classy pen makes the writer feel like a million bucks.
  • high-quality portfolio or case — there will always be papers to lug around, so make it a career statement.
  • high-quality writing services — if they need help with resumes or job coaching, provide a way to get personalized assistance from a professional.

Do you notice the theme? A status symbol is an investment tool. High-quality stuff has a reputation for a reason. Because it is well made, it lasts a long time. The people your aspiring executive wants to join are wearing or using high-quality stuff, so giving a gift that helps them fit in is perfect.