The Most Important Spots for SEO Relevant Keywords on a LinkedIn Profile

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If you’ve gone through a job search recently, or are actively looking for a job, you likely know the importance of having SEO relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile. One question many professionals have is where exactly to place those keywords. This is a valid question and an important one to understand to make the most of your SEO efforts. Just like writing an effective resume, developing your LinkedIn profile in a way that helps you show up on top of the search results will help you be discovered more easily. Here are three of the most important spots on your LinkedIn profile to focus on SEO relevant keywords.

Your Professional Headline

Many people overlook their professional headline as being a valuable section for SEO purposes, mainly because it has a character limit. The best resume writing service will suggest using specific job titles from previous jobs, as well as other similar job titles. Employers may designate different job titles for essentially the same responsibilities, so you want to make sure you’ve got all of the relevant titles covered. When your LinkedIn profile has the specific keywords a recruiter searches for, your chances of being discovered will increase significantly.

The Summary

This is an area that people don’t often utilize for SEO purposes. Not only do you create an interesting and engaging summary, but you can also keyword load it because really, what you do on a daily basis consists of a lot of keywords. When you talk about your career in summary terms, you’ll be (briefly) talking about what you’ve done, what you are best at, and how you can do this for them. If you are laser-focused on a specific role, use the wording you see in specific job descriptions of roles you are interested in.

Job Titles

You should never be inconsistent with your past or current job titles across your resume and online profiles. The best resume writing service can help you add relevant keywords to your title for SEO purposes, without raising any questions as to the consistency of the information you provide. Again, job titles are different at various companies, so the more relevant ones you can fit in, the better your chances are of being found on LinkedIn.

Professional Resume Services is known as the best resume writing service because we focus on more than simply writing an effective resume. While the best executive resume format is critical, we understand it’s not the only aspect to consider to increase your chances of landing an interview. Your LinkedIn profile requires just as much attention as your formal resume, and we can help you with both. Never hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance in either of these areas.