What Can Twitter Do for My Job Search?

Job Search Social Marketing/Online Branding

Twitter is becoming a popular tool for communication. It’s also becoming very big for internet marketing professionals, and for good reason. Twitter is a great way to get a message out. The short, easily digestible microblogging format means that users can broadcast links and messages all over the web.
But how is Twitter applicable to a job search? Well, let’s say that you are on the lookout for a sales position somewhere in Florida. Twitter makes it easy to find and connect to potential employers or contacts. Just be sure that you keep a job search twitter account separate from your personal account if you have one. Your personal twitter account should not include your full name, but if it does, make sure that everything visible in your posts is appropriate.
Start by using Twitter’s search function to find out who is tweeting about sales in Florida. Look for Florida companies you may want to work for as well. Then, add the people who are talking about your hot topics to the list of people you follow. This works in two ways. First, it allows you to get a feed on people who are talking about your industry. Maybe they’ll mention a position, or a career fair. Maybe they have spoken to a recruiter for a company you’d like to work for. The other way this can help you is that these people will likely follow you back, and if they’re in a position to hire someone, they may see a post you’ve written, and contact you.

Once you’ve built up a good list of people to follow in your industry, start a free blog, and make some posts about your job search. Add your resume, or information about yourself to your blog. You can then use twitter to share these posts to your contacts. Build up a nice history of posts and tweets that establishes who you are, and what you can do.
The final and most important step in using twitter as a job search tool is to actively look for the people who may be able to help you. Employees of a company, hiring managers, or even the president may be available on twitter. It’s possible to contact these people directly, so don’t be afraid to contact them. Keep your post brief (you have to in Twitter), and even include a link to your blog post or website containing your resume. Be sure not to become a spammer, though. Persistence may work in your favor, but there’s a fine line between diligence and annoyance.
Remember also that twitter is only a piece of a huge social networking puzzle. Don’t rely on just one tool for finding people and networking with them. Explore other types of social media on the web, and remember that there is no replacement for old fashioned job search techniques like visiting companies in person. No matter how charming you are online, if you can’t ace the interview, you won’t get the job.