Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather Delays on Your Interview Day

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professional executive resume writersThe weather can cause havoc on any occasion, and a job interview isn’t immune to being affected. You’ve spent countless hours on your LinkedIn profile development, writing an effective resume and polishing up your cover letter only to see a blizzard or powerful storm system is rolling through your area on your interview day. What are you supposed to do? Instead of letting the weather event derail your interview, take it as an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and make the most of an unexpected and unfortunate situation.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

When you see a major weather event is taking place on your interview day, don’t hesitate to reach out to the employer the day before the interview just to touch base. Acknowledge the storm and offer to reschedule the interview if it works best for them. You could also suggest holding a phone interview if it works with their plans. Being proactive by reaching out ahead of the weather event shows your interest in the job and that you’re aware of the events going on around you.

Take Advantage of Additional Preparation Time

Assuming your interview does get rescheduled for a couple days later, take advantage of the time to get some extra preparation in. Check in with your professional executive resume writers again if you need to, or simply focus on your LinkedIn profile development. Just be sure not to put too much focus on yourself. Learning more about the company culture and the current employees can give you the opportunity to ask insightful questions at the interview.

Be Prepared For A Video Interview

During your call with the employer, you may suggest holding a video interview to avoid traveling during harsh weather conditions. But even if you don’t make the suggestion, you have to be prepared for the employer to make the suggestion themselves. A video interview should be treated as formal as an in-person interview, from dressing appropriately to making eye contact and even reducing clutter in the background. With all the time you’ve spent writing an effective resume, you don’t want lack of preparation for a video interview to be the reason why you aren’t considered for a job.
Professional Resume Services helps executives with all aspects of their job search. Our professional executive resume writers can’t predict the weather, but they can help you be prepared for a significant weather event that delays your interview. To learn more about how our services can benefit your job search at any stage, don’t hesitate to contact us.