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One of the most under-appreciated aspects of a job search is creating a comprehensive plan and sticking to it. The mistake many professionals make is thinking they can put in a significant amount of time and effort for a couple of weeks and their efforts will be rewarded with their desired job shortly afterward. However, the best professional resume writers will tell you this isn’t always the case, even if you have a flawless resume. Creating a job search plan you can stick with will help you not only efficiently land your next job, but also give you a higher likelihood of getting the job you actually want. Here are some steps to take to create a solid job search plan.

Write Down Clear Goals

Due to the advanced technology today, the traditional pen and paper method of taking notes has essentially vanished. However, there’s something about writing down your goals that make them more likely to be accomplished. Write down big goals you have, as well as smaller goals you want to reach along the way. Some of your goals could be about the role you want at your next job, what culture you want in your next office or how large the organization is. Then you can tailor your resumes and cover letters to those qualities and start working to reach the goals.

Treat Your Job Search Like A Job

A job search is a job on its own. If you have a home office, set it up with all the tools you need to be successful in your job search. Also schedule out your day like you would any other job, whether it’s scheduling time for writing an executive bio, researching words to include in your resume or even taking lunch. The more you treat the job search like a job, the more structured it will be and will help you stay on track.

Reward Yourself When Reaching Milestones

Most people feel accomplished when their boss praises them for reaching milestones, so you should reward yourself for the same throughout a job search. When you’ve written a couple versions of resumes and cover letters, treat yourself to a nice dinner. Or when you’re done writing an executive bio, reward yourself by taking a walk or doing other things you enjoy. Breaking up the job search in these manners can keep the motivation levels high and prevent burnout.

Seek Advice When Needed

You will likely reach a point in your job search where you feel stuck or get discouraged. Before it reaches that point, reach out to the best professional resume writers for advice. Sometimes talking to another professional can give you the boost of motivation or energy you need to remember your goals and get back on track.
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