How to Network Within Your Workplace

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Networking is essential in the business world today if you want to land the job of your dreams. But what if you already have a job? There are still plenty of reasons to continue your networking efforts, and doing so within your workplace is beneficial as well. If you work for a large company, chances are you may not know half of the people you work with.
Unlike networking to find a new job, you won’t have to visit the top resume writing services to make an impression on a co-worker. All it takes is a friendly conversation to learn more about someone. Here are a few tips for networking within your current workplace.

executive resume serviceStrike A Lunchtime Conversation

Your lunch hour is a good time to unwind and take a break. If you’re going to the break room anyway, try striking up a conversation with someone instead of sitting in the corner by yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss matters not related to work and could even lead to a strong personal and business connection. Most people will welcome a lunchtime conversation, but you should also be respectful and notice certain signs if the other person doesn’t want to talk at the moment.

Take Time To Be Friendly

You don’t have to visit an executive resume service to know being friendly will help you make more connections. Simply asking someone how their day is going or just smiling at them in the hallway can create a memorable moment. It also creates somewhat of an icebreaker when you see the same person in the break room, elevator or anywhere else you have a few seconds to strike up a conversation. Friendliness is closely related to familiarity, and the more your face is familiar to others, the easier it will be to connect with them.

Introduce Yourself To New Hires

A newly hired professional in your organization is likely eager to meet as many people as possible. Even if you aren’t comfortable with networking at any capacity, talking to a new hire is easy. If you know their name ahead of time, you can look at their LinkedIn profile to help you with a conversation starter. Give the new hire some useful tips and they’ll remember you and connect with you more often.

Check LinkedIn

The easiest connections to make with your LinkedIn profile are the ones who work with you. In fact, LinkedIn may even recognize the same company name in other profiles and suggest you connect with them. When you make LinkedIn connections with people in your workplace, you’ll build some familiarity and make conversations much easier to get started when you interact in person.
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