How to Take Your Executive Resume Summary to the Next Level

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Everyone has their own opinions about what part of a resume is the most important. The truth is you don’t really know which part is most important, since every hiring manager is different when it comes to what they prefer to see. One component the top resume writing services always recommends polishing is the executive resume summary. This is your chance to make an impact on the reader and set the tone for the rest of the resume. Here are some tips to consider incorporating into yours.

Show Some of Your Personality

Your executive resume writer will suggest incorporating some personality into your writing so the summary doesn’t sound generic and dull. But of course, you don’t want to be too casual either. Being natural in how you write and giving a little insight into how you approach work every day could be impactful.
One of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering your approach and belief of the ideal workplace culture. If your personality is to create a positive environment in the office, then don’t be afraid to make this statement in your summary. An office culture is a critical component of a successful business, so if you have the ability to enhance it, it will add another reason why the hiring manager wants to interview you.

Briefly Mention Your Past Work Results

Select the best quantifiable results and mention it in your resume summary. These results can be from teamwork or individual achievements. The best resume writing service can help you with the wording of your summary to make it impactful, but there’s usually never any harm in talking a little about your success. Just make sure these results are relatable in some way to the employer you’re targeting so they will see the results as transferrable.

Talk About Any Recognition You’ve Received

Internal or external recognition is also something an executive resume writer will suggest incorporating. You could mention a quarterly award you won, a speaking engagement you were honored to have, an article you had published or anything else. These types of recognition are direct results of your hard work, so a potential employer usually likes seeing it on your resume summary.
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