Is Your Lack of Personal Branding Holding You Back From the Perfect Job?

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c-level personal branding

There are many things that could potentially hold you back from landing your dream job, and none of them are more notable than a lack of c-level personal branding. Having a perfect resume is still essential today, but it won’t get you a job on its own in most cases. You have the opportunity to shape your personal brand however you want. Every action you take or don’t take has an impact on your personal brand, so it’s always a good idea to keep this at the forefront of your mind. Here are some tips for effective c-level personal branding to help you land the job you desire.

Narrow Down Your Personal Brand

When you’re searching for the perfect job, it’s important to understand what the particular company values. You may be a good overall person, but companies want to know exactly what you bring to the table. Find out what the company needs and shape your c-level personal branding around it. This can include shaping your resume, LinkedIn profile, executive profile and more to ensure consistency throughout. When you narrow down your personal brand, you’ll also be able to conduct a more targeted job search and give yourself a better opportunity to land the perfect job.

A Strong Personal Brand Doesn’t Mean Boasting

A common misconception among executives is personal branding requires you to brag on yourself. The reality is the opposite is true. No one likes to work with someone who constantly brags on themselves. The key to personal branding for senior level managers is showing your authenticity. Present yourself in a way that demonstrates the value you bring to the table, rather than telling everyone why you are better than them. Let the employer decide that part, but your role is to be confident in what you offer and stand behind it completely.

Improving Personal Branding Every Day

When you have an understanding that every action impacts your c-level personal branding, it will be easier to improve it. You don’t have to attend a networking event every day to boost your brand. Being conscious about the conversations you have with anyone, inside or outside of the office, can help you maintain your brand. You never know what conversation will lead to a new opportunity, so it’s always important to keep your personal brand at the top of your mind.
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